About the VNR

VNR Basics


The VNR (Vision Networks Recorder), Video Network Surveillance IP Video Recorder family is powered by the Luxriot recording engine. Vision Networks utilise this open architecture platform as it enables integration of almost every digital CCTV camera, and encoder currently on the market. Vision Networks recommend Western Digital storage for their VNR servers

Video Analytics


 VCA Video Analytics (add-on product) people counting, car counting, object counting, intruder perimeter detection, direction filter, dwell filter, removed object detection, abandoned object detection, people tracker, smoke detection filter, tailgating, calibration, colour detection, camera shake cancellation, camera tamper detection, enter exit filters, stopping filter and more



 VNR ANPR is a cost effective addition to any VNR system, providing number plate reading to a local database giving options for review and search. VNR ANPR can also be integrated into Vision Networks ANPR Manager, a network distributed ANPR analytics solution and complex SQL database.
VN believe they are the only local company to supply ANPR, giving them the unique position to really understand how to overcome the difficulties of reading Guernsey Numberplates

Luxriot EVO



An intuitively designed client providing a central location for live view and playback of your CCTV system. Interactive maps can provide instant access to the camera you require

EVO Products


Luxriot is a new generation VMS platform to cover all your CCTV requirements. From single site solution to multisite with thousands of cameras EVO has a solution for all sizes.
Support for ONVIF & over 4000 cameras from 140 different manafactures



Playback accessible from the same intuitive client as Live. Search for motion or VCA events to find exactly when an event happened. Simple timeline navigation tools give you total control over your footage.

Recording Profiles


Recording profiles allow each camera to have individual recording settings. Whether it be to a different storage location, retention time or frame rate. EVO can meet your requirements

Event and Action Manager


Advance Event and Action Manager. Configure any source event and link it to any action. From a pop up notification to triggering a relay to open doors. EVO can react to inputs from your surroundings.